disegno: la nuova cultura industriale is an original editorial project by Stefano Casciani – internationally recognised writer, critic, designer and for many years Editor of Domus magazine – developed with architect and design director Paola Bellani.

disegno: la nuova cultura industriale in a few years has established itself as the seminal monographic review on paper, in Italian and English, entirely dedicated to the global scene of design and its interaction with industry and communication.

The review aims to investigate the figures and motives involved in the design of everyday objects,
materials, construction systems, buildings, with wide connections to economy, sustainability, arts and media scene. With its fascinatingly cool written and visual language disegno: la nuova cultura industriale examines in depth the cultural aspects of mass production and the technologies that define our artificially built new world.

disegno: la nuova cultura industriale allows enthusiasts, professionals, industrialists, analysts, experts in communication and the media to access contents of excellence provided by a series of attentive observers of the latest achievements in the world of design.
In outlining state of the art and perspectives in research and innovation, disegno: la nuova cultura industriale privileges the presentation of italian projects and works with high quality standards.