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The long history of the Flexform photography, from the new objectivity of Gabriele Basilico to the dreamlike surrealism of Pierpaolo Ferrari.

Born with deep roots in the refined craftmanship of Lombard furniture, raised with the pop experiments of Joe Colombo, matured in the very long collaboration with Antonio Citterio, Flexform is a particular case study for the work that has developed on the product image communication. After the art direction for many years of Natalia Corbetta, who in the early 1980s called on to portray the neomodern sofas of Citterio the great and regretted Gabriele Basilico, the discoverer of a new objectivity in the designed world - the Galimberti family company recently undertook with Christoph Radl the opening of the new age of living scenarios. Radl promoted the photographic work of Pierpaolo Ferrari, an ironic stone in the pond of an image of contemporary furniture sometimes too conventional and stereotyped. The female fairy-tale creature hovering over the landscape of a living room or intent on a Dadaist performance in an exceptional library - both furnished with Citterio's design inventions - is the protagonist of a narrative that has just begun, but which attracts the eye of attentive observer and arouses curiosity as to how the photographic story of this new, dreamy domestic dimension will continue.

From 18 to 30 April at the Flexform space in via Solferino in Milan, the exhibition Portraying Design recounts the experience of the Flexform image, through the photographs of Gabriele Basilico, Gianni Berengo Gardin, Maria Vittoria Backhaus, Pierpaolo Ferrari.